State Attorney Appoints Chief of Homicide Prosecution

State Attorney Appoints Chief of Homicide Prosecution

State Attorney William “Bill” Gladson has created a new position in the Fifth Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office: Chief of Homicide Prosecution. The position oversees the prosecution of all homicide cases across the circuit which includes Citrus, Hernando, Marion, Lake and Sumter counties.

Gladson has assigned Assistant State Attorney Rich Buxman to the position. A career prosecutor, Buxman brings 23 years of experience to the role.

“Homicides are some of the most important and complex cases this office handles,” said Gladson. “Rich Buxman, with his years of trial experience, even temperament, and dedication to justice for victims and their families, is the perfect person for the job.”

Throughout his career, Buxman has prosecuted misdemeanors, felonies, sexually violent predators, and homicides. He started working for the circuit in 1998 in the Citrus County office and became the supervisor of that office from 2003-2013. Buxman was then assigned to prosecute almost exclusively homicide cases, including death penalty cases, first in Lake County, then in Marion County, and now across the circuit. 

“Our homicide unit is made up of some the most experienced and capable prosecutors in the circuit,” said Buxman. “Their dedication, talent and hard work will ensure that these cases will be handled with the utmost diligence and care.”

For a copy of the full press release click here.

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Rich Buxman Chief of Homicide Prosecution
You go Rich. Great Job and I am so glad I got to work with you and Pete Magrino on all of Jamie's Trials. I could not imagine a better Team, and am happy that you received this recognition. You deserve it. Well done.
Author: / Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 3:40PM