Online Payment Information

Important: The only payments accepted with the form below are the adult civil citation program fee. You must receive authorization from the diversion program to make payments online prior to submitting your payment. Submitting payments online does not mean you do not have to appear at scheduled program appointments.

Contact Information:
Melissa Dugan
Office: 352-671-5855

The full payment for the Adult Civil Citation Program is $180.25 US dollars ($175 plus $5.25 convenience fee). If you do not wish to incur the convenience fee, please choose one of the alternate payment methods available to you.

Refund Policy:
No refunds will be given even if the participant fails to complete the Adult Civil Citation Program.

Information Required:
Include Name, System Id# (located in the top left corner of your “Civil Citation Program Agreement.”) You must enter DEFENDANT NAME and SYSTEM ID / CASE NUMBER in the form below in order for the payment to be credited to your case. Failure to provide the necessary information could cause a delay in applying your payment.

Click the "CONTINUE TO SECURE PAYMENT FORM" link below to be redirected to the secure payment page.