Adult Civil Citation Program


In 2019, the State Attorney's Office started the first Adult Civil Citation Program in the Fifth Judicial Circuit. Pursuant to Florida Statute 901.41, law enforcement agencies who participate in this program may, at their discretion, issue a civil citation to an adult who has committed certain misdemeanor offenses instead of issuing a Notice to Appear or making a physical arrest. Those individuals given a citation will have to pay a program fee, participate in a crime specific educational program, and complete community service hours. Once completed, the person will be issued a certificate and no charges will be filed. Only first-time offenders on designated misdemeanor crimes are eligible for the Adult Civil Citation Program.

Participants sign a civil citation program agreement with the State Attorney’s Office that provides all the required conditions. The conditions include a program fee, community service hours, and an online course (if required by the charge) which must be completed within 90 days. When a participant meets all the requirements, the case is dismissed. Failure to meet the requirements within the 90-day timeframe would result in a warrant being issued for the participant's arrest.

Adult Civil Citation Contact information:

Melissa Dugan
Office: 352-671-5855


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