Victim Services

Victim Services



The Office of the State Attorney recently launched a new case management system across the circuit. We are now able to contact victims and witnesses sooner and more efficiently than before using text messages, and emails. When a new court event is entered into the system, certain parties are automatically notified. As a result, victims in a case will receive a text or email notifying them of their case’s upcoming court dates as opposed to the mailed letter they received in the past.

If you receive a text or email which you believe was received in error, you would like to change the method of notification, or no longer receieve notification please contact our office. Contact information for each of our offices can be found here. Thank you for your patience as we continue to enhance our communication and case management services.

Victim & Witness Services

The Office of the State Attorney has trained Victim Witness Specialists who are dedicated to making sure that victims of crime know that they are not alone, and that their voices will be heard.  In the aftermath of crime, often victims are experiencing physical and mental pain along with financial loss. The criminal process can be overwhelming under those circumstances. Our office provides Victim Witness Specialists in each county to assist victims and witnesses in learning about their legal rights and protections under the law. They also help victims navigate their way through the criminal process. The Victim Witness Specialists can help victims understand what their rights are, assist with asserting their rights, attend proceedings for support, and make referrals for community services. 

Please review our Victims' Rights Brochure and Domestics Violence Brochure linked below to learn more about the criminal justice system, victims' rights, and available resources.