Defense Attorneys



If you are a victim or witness, do not send emails to the E-service addresses contained in the E-service instruction documents below. Victims have a right to be heard at the accused’s first appearance and to share their views with the court. Please use the information provided in the Victim Input Form page, located under the Victim & Witness Resources tab, to be heard on those matters.

The document below contains instructions for the service of court documents by email. These instructions are for attorneys only.

E-Service Instructions 


CIP Portal:

The CIP Portal is the State Attorney's Office's primary platform to share discovery and other materials with defense attorneys. Files are available on the portal for 30 days. After 30 days, the files are automatically deleted from the portal. If you need to get a file after it has been removed from the portal, you will have to request it from the State Attorney’s Office.

The document below contains instructions for creating an account and using the CIP Portal.

CIP Portal Instructions 

For FAQs and additional information related to the CIP Portal, visit the CIP Portal Learning Center.